The Most Romantic Spot in India - Udaipur

Apart from the shimmering surface of the Pichola Lake, and the rows of purple ridges of the wood-clad Aravalli Hills spread in different directions, Udaipur has a scenery that sets itself apart. It consists of several lovely palaces, temples, bungalows and never-ending rows of narrow or crooked streets. All of which add beauty and charm to the city.

For tourists, there is a wide range of activities to indulge in, like boat rides, never-ending shopping and markets, display of the beautiful artifacts and so on. This city has also earned the title of being one of the most beautiful tourist destinations.


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Kurabar Kothi, Udaipur

Kurabar Kothi is a heritage hotel and traditional haveli mansion enhanced with modern style & luxury. We are located at the Center of Udaipur city which is very peaceful & posh area of Udaipur. Though within a short, pleasant stroll from the heart of old city, Kurabar Kothi is remarkable for its tranquillity and magnificence. While Kurabar Kothi is modern at heart, we have made every effort to incorporate all those architectural and decorative features that make living in the city of Udaipur a pleasure.

Kurabar Kothi offers guests the best of both worlds with the latest standards, blending happily with a heritage look.

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Located close to the Fatesagar Lake is Kurabar Kothi in Udaipur which is a luxury resort. It is located on top of the hill, in the center of the city, offering wonderful views of the surroundings. We have our guests as our number one priority, which is why we offer several facilities like free internet, complimentary breakfast, room, laundry services, fully furnished rooms and much more.

What sets our hotel different from others are our way of pampering our guests with through the spa and massages, the swimming pool and not to forget our in-house restaurants

Our rooftop restaurant by the pool gives a perfect party ambiance along with the cool breeze. We also have a fine dining restaurant offering an unbelievable view of the romantic city.

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